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Rochelle Park, NJ

Madden 17  | Gamers Paradise
Madden 17
June 1st @ 6:00 PM

Platform: Xbox One

Entry Fee: $10.00 USD per player


Upon signing up for this tournament, I agree to the following statements:

• I will not destroy or damage any property or items belonging to Gamers Paradise if I lose terribly.

• I will not punch my opponent in the face if he/she beats me in my favorite game.

• I will not challenge the decision of the Gamers Paradise team if I am disqualified for cheating/breaking any of the rules.

Player's Name/Tag:

Tournament Rules

Gamers Paradise in Rochelle Park will be hosting its very own Madden NFL 17 Tournament!

Tournament will be played in a double-elimination format on the Xbox One. There is no need to bring your own controllers, we will be providing ours. 

Players will be playing 4 2-minute quarters in the Superbowl mode, with any team of their choice.

Other Rules:
Quarter Length: 2 minutes
Event type: Superbowl
Even teams: Off
Play Clock: 40 seconds (set by default)
Skill Level: All-Pro
Weather: Clear
Injuries: Off
Fatigue: On
Accelerated Clock: Off
x.1.8 Camera Setting: Standard
Game Speed: Normal
Sliders: Default

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