Apex Legends Tournament on May 9th @ 6:00 PM | Gamers Paradise

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River Vale, NJ

Apex Legends  | Gamers Paradise

Apex Legends Tournament

May 9th @ 6:00 PM
Platform: Xbox One

Entry Fee $20.00 per player
Player's Name/Tag:

The player's tag can be names they use in online games or any online services, or just their full name. This will be the name the player is associated to during the tournament.

Tournament Rules

Gamers, gather your squad and come to Gamer's Paradise to meet some of the other legends in the area. Then, as a team, jump into King's Canyon, find a suitable weapon and destroy the enemy. Rack up the kills to get points for your team and pursue a victory to grab some bonus points! If your team ends up with the most points after 3 rounds, then get ready to get some epic loot. So, we only have one question for you. Are you in, Legend?

The tournament will be on Xbox One.

Two teams will play at a time. Your team will play a total of 3 matches, your score will depend on the amount of kills you get each match. Each kill will be worth 1 point. If your team wins, you will have 5 kills added to your score. When one player dies in one of your matches, you MUST stay on the death screen, raise your hand and show your endgame stats to a Gamers Paradise employee. Even if you get 0 kills from a match, you MUST tell an employee that you finsihed one of your matches, refusal to do so will be an automatic disqualification. If you do not stay on the death screen but still report your score after your match you will have 0 score for that game and must move on to the next match. Please make sure to change any controller schemes or settings BEFORE your match.

In the event of first, second or third place being tied we will have a tie breaker. Each team will start up at the same time and the person with the most kills in the end of the match wins. If both participants die with the same amount of kills we will go by the amount of assists. If both kills and assists are tied whoever places higher will win.

If you are logged out, kicked from the servers or any other sort of disconnection happens during your match please tell a Gamers Paradise employee and we will have you re-do your match.

You are more than welcome to bring your own controller and headset, but cannot sign into your accounts. We have accounts ready for each station during the tournament.


Upon signing up for this tournament, I agree to the following statements:

• I will not destroy or damage any property or items belonging to Gamers Paradise if I lose terribly.

• I will not punch my opponent in the face if he/she beats me in my favorite game.

• I will not challenge the decision of the Gamers Paradise team if I am disqualified for cheating/breaking any of the rules.