Boy Scouts - Minecraft Learn & Play Event Event on October 3rd @ 7:00 PM | Gamers Paradise

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River Vale, NJ

Boy Scouts - Minecraft Learn & Play Event  | Gamers Paradise

Boy Scouts - Minecraft Learn & Play Event Tournament

October 3rd @ 7:00 PM
Platform: Xbox One

Entry Fee $15.00 per player

Player's Name/Tag:

100 Spots Left!

Tournament Rules

You will start in a NEW WORLD, so that means a new world must be generated. It will be the Survival play type. There will be a 25 minute time-limit, when the world is done loading the time will be started. The main objective of this is to gather these materials within that time limit. The harder the object is to obtain, the more points you will receive. When your time is up, you must place your controller down and any items you want to be counted as points, MUST be in your inventory. The items that are listed below are the only items that will count as the points.

1 Point Items
%u2022 Lapis
%u2022 Iron
%u2022 Wool
%u2022 Leather
%u2022 Raw Pork
%u2022 Coal
%u2022 Red Stone
%u2022 Smooth Stone

2 Point Items
%u2022 Cooked Pork
%u2022 Feathers
%u2022 Pumpkins

5 Point Items
%u2022 Arrows
%u2022 Bones
%u2022 String
%u2022 Gold
%u2022 Spider-Eye

10 Point Items
%u2022 Diamond
%u2022 Gunpowder
%u2022 Music Discs
%u2022 Saddles

20 Point Items
%u2022 Find End Portal
%u2022 Find Mushroom Island
%u2022 Build Nether Portal

Automatic Win
%u2022Defeat Ender Dragon

Items used to make armor still count Example: iron boots uses 4 iron = 4 X 2 Bonus = 8 points. If you have a map in your inventory at the end of the match you get a 10 point bonus.


Upon signing up for this tournament, I agree to the following statements:

• I will not destroy or damage any property or items belonging to Gamers Paradise if I lose terribly.

• I will not punch my opponent in the face if he/she beats me in my favorite game.

• I will not challenge the decision of the Gamers Paradise team if I am disqualified for cheating/breaking any of the rules.