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When you trade in your stuff at Gamers Paradise you automatically qualify for our trade-in bonus! The more stuff you're trading in the bigger the bonus! So dust off that old ColecoVision sitting in you attic or that PS3 you never play anymore and trade it in for CASH or GP Dollars today!
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Game Title
Game Condition*

• Never opened
• In its original wrap

• Looks brand new
• No visible wear

• No cover damage
• No scratches
• Minimal wear

• Damage to case.
• Light scratches
• Other damage.

• Significant wear
• Still operational
• Personalized
Game Not Showing Up?
Be sure to enter the specific game title that's on the game or the box. Make sure to select, if you have the Box or Manual. This ensures that you get top dollar for your trade-ins.

* Be honest with the condition of your trade-ins. If a trade-in isn't in the condition you stated, we'll have to adjust the trade-in values.
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