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Burnout Dominator

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      Push reckless driving to the limits in this adrenaline fuelled Burnout experience on PSP.

      Combining the best elements of this long-running franchise with a wealth of features exclusive to PSP, developer Criterion has created a true high-speed racer with portability in mind.

      Sixteen races, spanning 8 locations are the backdrop for performing Burnouts and reaching mind-blowing speeds. The aim beyond winning the race is to remain in Burnout mode constantly, the meter refilling for successfully completing each manoeuvre and taking the more risky racing lines.

      Multiplayer gaming is heavily supported, letting you and your friends race head-to-head in Ad Hoc and Infrastructure Modes or compete on a single PSP in Party Play Mode.

      Additionally, one of the exclusive features to PSP allows you to synchronise your game with your friends via Ad Hoc Mode and thrash their high scores and race times at your leisure. Entering Infrastructure Mode you can then update your information with anyone you have synchronised with, comparing times and downloading ghosts of their cars to race against, wherever you or they might be.

    • Battle across all-new tracks built for every style of racing
    • Synchronise your game with friends and then smash their best race times and scores
    • Extend your experience by downloading exclusive new tracks