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Kaze and the Wild Masks

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A true love letter to the greatest hits of the 90s! Inspired by the greatest platformers of the 90s, Kaze and the Wild Masks takes players on a trip down memory lane. With simple and intuitive mechanics, difficult challenges, iconic bosses and the satisfyingly smooth platforming and speed of the game, players will experience that classic 90s platformer vibe which many love so dearly. Besides inspiration from classics such as Donkey Kong Country 2 and Super Mario World, Kaze and the Wild Masks creates its own identity with colorful modern pixel art graphics that appeal to past and present generations. About Kaze and the Wild Masks: In Kaze and the Wild Masks, you journey through the Crystal Islands in 90’s classics platformer style. Play as Kaze and save your friend Hogo from a curse that spread chaos around the islands. Face enraged living vegetables by invoking the powers of the Wild Masks. Pounce ferociously like a tiger, soar through the sky like an eagle, sprint fiercely like a lizard and rule the sea like a shark. Features: • Unleash the skills of the wild masks to get powers from the tiger, eagle, lizard and shark • Uncover the secrets of the Crystal Islands in 30+ levels with over 50 bonus levels • Relive your childhood memories of classic platformers with high quality frame by frame pixel art • Pave your way through a satisfyingly smooth, but challenging platformer