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The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man

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LISTEN UP, CRIME FIGHTERS! The greatest comic book hero of all time, Radioactive Man, has been kidnapped...and it's up to yours truly to save the R-Man. I'll put all my awesome super-powers to the best when I battle the slimy Swamp Hag, the evil Dr. Crab and the bad-tempered Lava Man. Once I wipe these villains out and restore Radioactive Man's powers, we'll take on the brains behind this ugly scheme, Brain-O The Magnificent. So quit reading and buy this game OR ELSE. That's an order from Bartman, man!!! -THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB...FOR BARTMAN! -WILL A BLAST OF COLD BREATH PUT THE FREEZE ON SWAMP HAG? -THE TERRORS OF THE DEEP ARE NO MATCH FOR THE MIGHTY BARTMAN! -DANGER LURKS EVERYWHERE IN THE JUNKYARD! -IT'S FIST AGAINST CLAW IN THE EVIL DR. CRAB'S LAIR!