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Namco Museum Arcade Pac

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Save your quarters and bring the arcade home with the Ultimate 2-in-1 game 'PAC', Namco Museum arcade PAC! enjoy the nostalgic classics in "Namco Museum" and the flashy Maze madness of "PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 plus" with friends or solo, at home or on the go for exciting arcade fun wherever you are - Exclusively for the Nintendo Switch! - Namco Museum - Enjoy namco classics like pac-man, galaga, splatterhouse, & Tower of druaga, or play games such as rolling Thunder, skykid, or Tank force with friends & family on the Nintendo Switch!- Pac-man Championship Edition 2 plus - the highly acclaimed pac-man Championship Edition series has finally come to the Nintendo Switch in pac-man Championship Edition 2 plus!- Pac-man Championship Edition 2 plus - featuring eye-popping high-resolution 3D graphics, the latest version of the classic game takes chomping and chasing through mazes to a whole new level!- Pac-man Championship Edition 2 plus - play by yourself or with your friends in the all new co-op mode, pac-man Championship Edition 2 plus 2p - exclusive only to the Switch!- Pac-man Championship Edition 2 plus - team up with your friends and family to weave through the mazes and make it to the boss battle together!