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  • Based on Astrosmash for Mattel's Intellivision, Astroblast is a shooting game where you control a laser base that slides back and forth at the bottom of the screen. Your job is to avoid fast-moving falling objects while shooting as many of them as you can. You begin the game with ten laser bases, and each time you let a rock, spinning white bomb, or guided missile get by your ship, you lose points. For each object you hit, you score points, but if you fail to shoot a spinner, collide with an object, or shoot a rock that is too close to your position, you lose a laser base. You gain an additional laser base for every 1,000 points you score. After you have reached 20,000 points, UFOs occasionally fly past, dropping bombs. You don't get any points for shooting the bombs, but you score big if you hit the UFO itself. The left difficulty switch controls firing. The "A" position for automatic firing, and the "B" for manual firing. The right difficulty switch controls skill level. The "A" position sets an accelerated speed, while the "B" position allows a normal speed game.