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Birthdays the Beginning - Limited Edition

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Find inspiring worlds and preview some of the life from the game in the 20-page Birthdays the Beginning "World Guide". Then, bring your adventures to life with a 7.25-inch avatar plush doll. When you're away from the game, relax and imagine the worlds you'll create while listening to the 16-track official soundtrack. Complete your real world collection with the PS4 game, a keychain, a yet-to-be-revealed print, and a collector's box. A World All Your Own: Create any world you can imagine! From staggering mountains and sprawling forests to a deep sea dotted with islands, there's no limit to your creations. Life From the Beginning: Discover the history of everything as you foster life of all shapes and sizes - from the first amoeba to dinosaurs and more. Cultivate Your Imagination: Imagine, Experiment, Create! S