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Tnn Motorsports: Hardcore Heat

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Tired of office politics? Unleash the inner off-road racer inside your brain. TNN Motorsports: Hardcore Heat goes where few Dreamcast racers have gone before: straight into the driver's seat of a high-powered off-road racing machine.

The game feels like a lost episode of The Dukes of Hazzard; no brains required. It's a simple game with one goal: dominate your competitors on the circuit of the most "hardcore, mud-slinging, air-catching, out-of-bounds racing league ever created!" Except for a few annoying yet minor problems, this Dreamcast off-road racer fires on nearly all cylinders.

As expected, the graphics are incredible--we're talking Dreamcast after all--and the game maintains an arcade feel that's surprisingly free of carnage and fiery explosions. Players choose from eight vehicles and drivers but, unfortunately, drivers and vehicles cannot be interchanged. The main problem with Hardcore Heat is the sense of speed--it feels slow. Even when the speedometer reads 100-plus, you feel like you're navigating your rig through a deep vat of cold molasses.