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Army Rescue

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WE ARE AT WAR SOLDIER! WE MUST INFILTRATE THE ENEMY BASE IN ORDER TO RESCUE OUR BELOVED KING! TAKE THE ULTIMATE LEAP AND COMMAND YOUR FORCES TO VICTORY! A revolutionary action puzzle game fit for all ages and gamers. Put your reflexes and hand-eye coordination skills to the ultimate test! Accurately time, cut and catch your soldiers while evading enemy fire and destroying your adversaries! ARMY RESCUE Key Features: Fun and Wacky Weapons Choose from a variety of unique weapons such as the Bubble Gun, Black Hole Gun, Windy Gun and many more! Content and Replay Ability Play through over 50 plus levels, creating satisfying combos to improve and upgrade your troops, vehicles and weapons in this fun-filled adventure to save the king! Multiplayer Modes Team up with a friend in cooperative play against the AI or go head-to-head in a battle to determine who is the ultimate commander!