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Domino Rally

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NEVER FEAR! YOUR HERO IS HERE! ZIP AND ZOOM YOUR WAY ACROSS DOMINOES TO HELP THE CITIZENS FROM THEIR EVERYDAY TROUBLES! This innovative, quirky and whimsical title delivers a unique game play experience, combining the fun of dominoes with a unique visual style and Wii specific controls! Block, balance and dash around town to help the everyday citizens with their problems! DOMINO RALLY Key Features: Domino Racing Action Part racing, part platforming, but all fun! This game is packed with humor, unique game play, one-of-a kind visuals and thrills that will have you laughing from start to finish! Secret Content and Special Features Discover secret paths & areas to uncover over 90 secret items, memories and additional in-game content that will have you coming back for more. Multiplayer Fun Battle and race against a friend to earn the acclaimed title of Domino Master! With