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E.T. and the Cosmic Garden

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E.T. and the Cosmic Garden is a real-time adventure game for your Game Boy Color. Travel to six planets populated by the most exotic, weird, and wild plants in the galaxy. Gather these rare and wonderful plants for the spaceship's greenhouse and fulfill E.T.'s original mission by replanting and restoring the Cosmic Garden. Growing a healthy garden requires E.T. and his assistants, Space Bee and Space Slug, to maintain proper amounts of food, water, and light, and to protect these special species from a host of intergalactic pests, including space beetles, fungus, and harmful celestial events, such as a prolonged eclipse. But don't worry--E.T. can use his special telekinesis powers to save the day. This creative and nonviolent strategy adventure challenges players with 12 levels and seven environments. You can create more than 60 plants, each with unique personalities and abilities--they sing, jump, generate electricity, and more. Beat the game and you'll unlock the never-ending Prize Garden.