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Space Armada

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An armada of 32 bomb-dropping, moving targets descend on your defenses. You have a supply of laser "guns" and bunkers that shield them from the air attack. Shoot your laser and clear the screen. Another armada appears, and it might surprise you with a new kind of attack! The higher your score, the more challenging the game becomes! Fire away! You get points for each target you hit - plus a bonus for the fast moving UFO! Later in the game, you have to dodge several kinds of missiles, and some targets are invisible! Challenge a friend to see who can get the highest score ... beat your own record! Keep moving ... hit and run. It's a two-way electronic air war! The better you get, the harder the game becomes. There's no end to the challenge! Sound effects let you know when you get a hit - or when you get bombed! Every time you clear the "sky," you get another armada - and a tougher challenge!