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NFL Quarterback Club 99

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The story of Acclaim's NFL Quarterback Club 99 is a tale of two games. The first, that of the single-player game, does not have a happy ending. The second, that of the multiplayer game, does. Ultimately, the decision as to whether you should purchase Quarterback Club comes down to which tale you want to hear, and which game you want to play. Let's start with what both the single- and multiplayer games share in common - namely, the most incredible graphics ever seen in a simulated football game. Hyperbole may be the rule when discussing graphics these days, but we're serious when we say that no football game on any platform can hold a candle to Quarterback Club 99. The high-resolution screen, the shockingly detailed animation, and the realistic interaction between players are enough to stop any sports fan dead in his tracks. And wait until you see the instant replay! With just the slightest squint of the eyes, the instant replays on Quarterback Club 99 are essentially indistinguishable from the real thing. You literally have to see it to believe it. But don't think for a minute that Quarterback Club 99 is merely a graphics showcase - it's also a deep, flexible, and, in multiplayer mode at least, fun-to-play football game. Pick any of the game's copious modes - practice, single game, season, tournament, play-off, pro bowl, or historical sims - and then settle back for some engaging pigskin action.