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Triple Play 2000

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When it comes to sports games, EA has built a reputation that makes rookie developers turn green with envy. They rode the bench during baseball's first season on N64, but for the 1999 campaign they've come out swinging. It's no secret that great graphics attract gamers like the smell of stadium dogs attract your obese uncle Earl. One of the strongest features of Triple Play is its beautiful stadiums and smooth player graphics. Swing animations are fluid, and dramatic camera angles show off the detail that has been given to the face of each player. When the action gets fast and furious, though, Triple Play 2000 drops frames. EA has secured both the Major League Baseball and MLBPA licenses, so you'll have all the teams, players and uniforms. You'll spot international home run hero Sammy Sosa on the box cover, but that's basically where his involvement in the game ends. EA plans to tap Mr. Sosa's knowledge to assist in the development of future games, but time constraints prevented a brainstorming session this time around. Triple Play 2000 gives you full managerial control of each team, so you make all of the decisions regarding trades, free agents, and line-ups. A standard Create Player feature allows you to keep up with any unforeseen minor leaguers who get a shot at the big show. There aren't any surprises hidden within the detailed options and statistical information, but a solid selection of ways to play will satisfy any sports fan. Modes of play include: Single Game Home Run Challenge Season Playoffs Team Management A game can look promising when you're checking out the screen shots on the back of the box, but the real test is when you get it home and enthusiastically slam it into your N64. Triple Play 2000 will impress you with intelligent defensive setups for your outfielders, accommodating camera angles and excellent base runner control. You can direct your swing by moving the Control Stick, but the visual clues do not provide enough detail to let you know the exact position of the ball. A swing usually results in contact, so you may want to increase the difficulty level. Similarly, it's difficult to get sneaky with the pitches because there is no visual representation of where the ball will be until it is thrown. Our frustrations were short-lived, though, because after a few practice games the batting system began to feel more natural. The batting system may not be perfect, but you probably won't mind when you notice the excellent base running control. This is typically a trouble spot for most baseball games, but EA gives you precise individual control over each runner. There is also an automatic base running feature if you'd prefer for the computer to make your decisions. Also, an option to increase the game speed mercifully allows you to fast forward through animation sequences. Completing the Triple Play package is an entertaining audio track, with Jim Hughson providing the play-by-play and color commentary from former Blue Jays catcher Buck Martinez. Rockin' audio clips greet each home batter as he approaches the plate and random fan comments may surprise you by producing a chuckle.