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Mr. Nutz is the squirrely star of Infogrames' latest action title for Game Boy Color. Aptly nicknamed SuperSquirrel, Mr. Nutz must prevent the Abominable Snowman from blanketing the globe in sub-zero sorrow. Yeti vs. squirrel may not seem like a fair fight, but Mr. Nutz is significantly more savvy than the rodents roaming your front lawn. Mr. Nutz uses a variety of techniques to mutilate the Snowman's minions, including acorn tosses and tail whips. Mr. Nutz presents classic side-scrolling action, full of platforms to leap and enemies to overcome. Solid play control will help you work your way through six challenging worlds, each guarded by a beastly boss. Colorful graphics and interesting enemy design combine for a satisfying visual package. Mr. Nutz is compatible only with Game Boy Color.