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Virtual Boy System

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Step back in time to the dawn of the 3D revolution with the Nintendo Virtual Boy portable gaming console. While 3D technology is commonplace today, such was not the case at the time of the debut of the Nintendo Virtual Boy in 1995. The Nintendo handheld system was the first video game system to incorporate 3D technology, and innovative games such as "Virtual Boy Wario Land," "Red Alarm," and "Jack Bros." all made early use of this new capability to add a level of depth to games which gamers had never previously experienced. The Nintendo Virtual Boy focused on immersion and haptic technology was a forerunner of the modern video gaming systems of today. This portable gaming console is a rare artifact, which represents an important milestone in the history of gaming. It is a valuable collector's item, which still incorporates a high level of playability and fun. The Nintendo handheld system is a perfect addition to any gamer's collection, whether to fill an important niche in a library of vintage video gaming systems or just to experience the unique 3D gaming experience.