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SuperCross 2000

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Remember the last time that you dragged a foot peg through a super-tight turn, crested a steep hill at 12,000 RPMs, and then slid down the backside toward the finish neck-and-neck with the race favorite? Can't recall? Then add that memory to your gray matter with Supercross 2000. EA Sports' exclusive license with PACE Motor Sports brings the immensely popular extreme sport of supercross racing to the Nintendo 64 with all of the muscle-jolting, dirt-flying fun of the real thing. Similar to motocross racing's cross-country, outdoor track competitions, supercross takes place inside stadiums on massive mounds of dirt. The action is exhausting, with slides, jumps, dips, and open-throttled runs to the finish. In Supercross 2000, riders can progress through an entire season of racing, nail stunt after stunt in the freestyle jump-off mode, or challenge a friend in split-screen, head-to-head racing. Over 25 authentic supercross and freestyle riders--including Mike LaRocco and Jeff Emig--are available, as well as factory bikes such as the Honda CR, Suzuki RM, and Kawasaki KX. The game pays careful attention to realistic physics, so players will virtually feel every dip, skid, and big-air jump. And as the dirt track shifts and moves into ruts and grooves beneath the riders' wheels, players must constantly make subtle adjustments to keep control. It's loud, fast--and memorable--stomach-churning fun. --Eric Twelker