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Nascar 2001

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DOMINATE AT DAYTONA UNLEASH 750 HORSES ON NASCAR'S BEST FEATURES NEW TECHNOLOGY Desgined from the ground up for the most immersive racing experience to date THE GREAT AMERICAN RACE Race for the checkers in the Daytona 500 FULL CAR DAMAGE Including dents, car part debris, smoke, oil fires, sparks, and the possibility of engine breakdowns TOP NASCAR DRIVERS All 19 computer drivers on the track have independent AI modeled on real-life ability and tendencies RICH 3D GRAPHICS AND FX Complete track environments, stunning car models with engines and interiors, and special effects including real-time lighting, environment mapping, and debris effects NASCAR IN A BOX 37 real drivers, 12 real tracks, and the real teams, announcers, manufacturers, sponsors, and true spirit of America's #1 motorsport Realistic Graphics, Physics, And AI The World Center Of Racing Take The Wheel Tough Competition Breathtaking Moments