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MLB SlugFest 20-04

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Crocodile-wrestlers, Europeans and other cranky types like to whine that America's pastime is slow-paced and downright dull. Midway aims to change all of that with its turbo-injected MLB Slugfest 20-04. A Whole New Ballgame MLB Slugfest 20-04 brings back all the hard-hitting action fans enjoyed in last year's version while adding a few new bells and whistles. For starters, a much-welcomed Create-A-Team feature has been added. Now, players can combine ball players from both major leagues to create a veritable dream team of superstars. Also, each hurler now has a repertoire of six different pitches. A Little Bit Of Realism Every MLB team, player and stadium is included. Midway used detailed face-maps of each player. That's about all the realism you can expect in this game. A Whole Lot Of Fantasy Continuing the arcade-style trend started by Midway's own NFL Blitz series, MLB Slugfest features turbo running, batting, fielding and throwing. If a player does really well, he'll literally catch fire. Pyromania, man! Each pitcher comes with a signature pitch that will leave most any batter guessing. You can even bean a batter to lower his performance. Toss too much chin music, though, and the batter will rush the mound and throw a few beans of his own. Midway has thrown in more than 10 fantasy stadiums, as well as unlockable fantasy teams and players. Swinging For The Fences To the delight of many baseball fans, Midway has included a robust Home Run Derby mode. Pit your favorite player in a long-ball contest against the finest sluggers in the bigs. Honus Wagner might not approve, but Midway's MLB Slugfest series shapes up as being what every video game should be: fun. Swing for the fences with MLB Slugfest 20-04.